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ὦ μέλεοι, τί κάθησθε; λιπὼν φεῦγʼ ἔσχατα γαίης
δώματα καὶ πόλιος τροχοειδέος ἄκρα κάρηνα.
οὔτε γὰρ ἡ κεφαλὴ μένει ἔμπεδον οὔτε τὸ σῶμα,
οὔτε πόδες νέατοι οὔτʼ ὦν χέρες, οὔτε τι μέσσης
λείπεται, ἀλλʼ ἄζηλα πέλει· κατὰ γάρ μιν ἐρείπει
πῦρ τε καὶ ὀξὺς Ἄρης, Συριηγενὲς ἅρμα διώκων.

(Herodotus, 7, 140, 2)


This blog is intended for scholars, both at any early stage of their career as well as academic seniors, interested in history and archaeology of pre-classical Athens (click here for more information).

Our aim is to set up  a network of international scholars able to approach old and new challenges on an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary frame. Therefore, we intend to enhance the legitimacy of different academic (or indeed national) traditions and their specific approaches: in our view, far from being an obstacle to mutual understanding, they offer instead a distinctive opportunity of inspiration towards common paths in comprehending complexity.

The blog will eventually boost the opportunities and modalities of scientific exchanges, while enhancing at the same time the impact of the research on a world-wide scale. We look forward to new meetings of our network members, towards better connectivity and more open access approach to innovation in our disciplines.

Annarita Doronzio, Constanze Graml and Vincenzo Capozzoli


Last update: 03/12/2020

International Research Network on the history and archaeology of Pre-classical Athens

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