Annarita Doronzio

My research interest focuses on Iron Age Greece. I am particularly interested in the problems relating to the topography of early Athens: my postgraduate thesis deals with the alleged existence of another public space in archaic Athens (published in two articles) and my PhD with the seventh century remains in the area of the city (in print by de Gruyter). Currently I am a Post-Doc Researcher at Napoli L´Orientale, where I am working on creating an “Atlas of the funerary evidence of Athens from the Submycenaean to the Orientalizing period” (in collaboration with Anna Maria D´Onofrio, database programming with Vincenzo Capozzoli and Alain Duplouy) which aims to provide, for the first time, an efficient and research-oriented tool for retrieving information related to burials and burial practices of the Iron Age in the area all around the Acropolis. The project is endorsed by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens.

I am further working with Prof. Demetrius U. Schilardi on the publication of the excavations and finds fromthe Iron Age settlement of Koukounaries (Paros).

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