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Chief editor: Vincenzo Capozzoli

Editorial team: Constanze Graml, Annarita Doronzio and Vincenzo Capozzoli

Constanze Graml

Constanze Graml is Lecturer (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. She studied Classical Archaeology, Art History, and History at the universities of Regensburg, Heidelberg and Mainz. Since 2007, she participated in field campaigns at Regensburg-Burgweinting, at the Amyklaion of Sparta and the Kerameikos of Athens. Her PhD thesis on the Sanctuary of Artemis Soteira in the Kerameikos of Athens has been published recently. She is currently working on her research project “Cult and Crisis. The Sacred Landscape of Attica and its Correlation to Political Topography”, in which she analyses the impact of the Macedonian occupation on the religious life of Hellenistic Athens.  Until March 2021, she will be Junior Fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies “Religion and Urbanity. Reciprocal transformations”, Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt, where she conducts a project-related case study on the religious developments in the Piraeus.

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Annarita Doronzio

Annarita Doronzio is Lecturer (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg. Her research topics focuse on Iron Age Greece. She is particularly interested in the problems relating to the topography of early Athens: her postgraduate thesis deals with the alleged existence of another public space in archaic Athens (published in two articles) and her PhD with the seventh century remains in the area of the city (printed by de Gruyter). She was Post-Doc Fellow at Napoli L’Orientale, where she has been working on creating an “Atlas of the funerary evidence of Athens from the Submycenaean to the Orientalizing period” (in collaboration with Anna Maria D’Onofrio, database programming with Vincenzo Capozzoli and Alain Duplouy). It aims to provide, for the first time, an efficient and research-oriented tool for retrieving information related to burials and burial practices of the Iron Age in the area all around the Acropolis. The project is endorsed by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens. Moreover, she is working on the publication of the excavations and finds from the Iron Age settlement of Koukounaries (Paros) excavated by D. U. Schilardi.

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Vincenzo Capozzoli

Vincenzo Capozzoli is a Reader (Maître de conférences) in digital archaeology at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. During his PhD study between San Marino and Germany, he studied the topography of Archaic and Classical Athens and in particular on its city fortification system. Since 2004, he has been working, within several research projects of the Scuola della Specializzazione in Archeologia di Matera, on roofsystems and architectural terracottas from South Italy from the Archaic to the late Hellenistic age. He as held various positions in the Universities of Tübingen (as field excavations coordinator in Pantelleria), Berlin (Post-Doc Topoi) and Matera (Assistant Professor) before coming to Paris 1 in 2011 (Post-Doc “Research in Paris). Here, he coordinated until 2015 the research project on Ancient Lucania in Paris 1. With Alain Duplouy and Agnes Henning, he is codirector of the Pietragalla Project. He is also member of the Marie Curie Research Project “A gis-study of space and social praxis in ancient Attica from the Mycenaen age to the birth of the democracy” lead by Nikolaos Arvanitis. Within the project, he is co-responsible for the implementation of the database concerning architecture and building techniques, as well for the following research sub-topic : “The urban demes and roads of Athens”.

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