Constanze Graml

At present, I am employed as an Assistant Lecturer at the Institute for Classical Archaeology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. My attraction to Athens results from my participation in several campaigns at the Kerameikos of Athens. As a trained archaeologist, my main field of research focuses on Ancient Religious Practice and Cult Topography, but usually my work concentrates on the time after the Persian Wars, especially the late Classical and Early Hellenistic period. I am currently pursuing a project on the interaction of Political Topography and Sacred Landscapes with a focus on Athens under the Macedonian occupation (for further information coming soon: But as one cannot analyse this period as though it had emerged from nothing, I am naturally also interested in the earlier phases of Athens, e.g. the development of cults, meaning their establishment and possible changes in ritual, the perception of ritual practice, and many other aspects besides.

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